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How to Choose the Perfect Office Carpet

Choosing the right carpet for your office involves many of the same steps as selecting new home carpeting. At the most basic level, you need to decide on colors and styles.

You have to calculate the amount of carpet needed to cover the office floor, as well as consider the potential wear on the carpet based on traffic levels.

Your budget will be a major determinant of your final decision in at least three ways: how much you can spend on purchase and installation, what the new carpet will cost to maintain, and what down-time costs you may incur during the carpet’s installation.

Equally important are intangible factors such as what your office decor, including the carpet, says about you and what image it conveys to your customers.

Step 1

Discuss the elements of choosing carpeting for your office with supervisors and co-workers. Try to reach a consensus on the style and color of carpet that will go best with your existing office decor and furnishings.

Step 2

Gauge how the area to be carpeted is normally used. Take into account the nature of the business and the type of work performed, as well as the amount of traffic to which the carpet will be subjected.

If you are selecting carpet for high-end lawyers’ offices, choose something that both feels and looks luxurious and sends a reassuring message to your wealthy clients.

For an auto parts store or computer repair shop, choose a lower-pile, industrial style carpet that will be easy to maintain and clean.

Step 3

Compare the costs of two or three different brands of similar carpeting to ensure you get the best value for your money. Ask other purchasers or interior decorating specialists about each brand’s durability, stain-resistance and ease of cleaning.

Step 4

Request details about installation and any disruptions this will cause your business. Some carpet tiles or pieced carpets can be easily installed around existing furniture and fixtures and can be installed one area at a time, limiting the amount of upheaval for workers and allowing some level of business to continue during installation.

Wall-to-wall carpeting, on the other hand, may offer a smooth, seamless appearance, but typically requires complete removal of all items, including furniture and cubicle walls, from the space to be covered.

Unless you can easily move your entire staff and operations to another space during this time, you will lose productive time while the carpeting is being installed.

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