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Don’t be left behind! we are offering state-of-the-art conference room solutions

A modern conference room is a place where business deals are made, business decisions are made and new ideas are born.

Having the right modern technologies and office furniture in your conference room helps create a collaborative and comfortable environment which is known to boost productivity.

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After years of providing stand-alone meeting/ boardroom tables, we are introducing a new service to complement our meeting tables.

Inspired by modern technologies, we are offering a complete boardroom solution. This is a state-of-the-art conference room that offers below features.

  1. Wired & Wireless Presentation System – seamless and non-complicated setup
  2. Bring your Own Device – can connect PC, Mac, Android or iOS
  3. Video & Audio Conferencing Compatible with any System (Polycom, Avaya, Cisco, IP based)
  4. Lighting, Curtains, Air-conditioning & Room Automation
  5. Customized Furniture with Cable Management & Facilities

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This solution comes with a cool system that controls your conference room aspects such as; lighting, curtains, Air-conditioning, sound and video, with all the features being remotely controlled.

Another awesome feature is the multi-purpose screen. The screen can be used for video conferencing, digital whiteboard or as a computer monitor where you can access the internet among others.

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  1. Quality assured
  2. Business quality & world class brands
  3. Full end to end service and support
  4. Innovative solutions to suit your needs & budget
  5. Reduced infrastructure expenditure
  6. Leasing Solutions Available

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We already have a modern conference room set up at our showroom in Westlands, you are free to visit and experience what we are offering.

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