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Are you a startup? This office setup is for you

Congratulations! on your business venture and I wish you all the best.

At this point, you must be feeling overwhelmed by the number of things you need to be done to successfully launch your business.

One thing that is never enough with startups is money. But you don’t have to break your bank for this,  there is still tomorrow.

Top on your checklist should be furniture for your business. The basic and most important furniture you require is a desk and a chair.

Office desks and chairs come in various makes, sizes, and colors. Your choice depends on your budget and style.

This is ‘Njaa-nuary’ and I understand what’s going on. I requested one of our sales Person Julius to create the cheapest office setup for startups, below is what he proposed.

Affordable office furniture setup for startups

What you are getting?

  1. Brand new furniture, if you like we can deliver it packed in boxes and assemble it at your place
  2. Medium back fabric office chair (available in colors blue or black)
  3. 1.2 Meters office desk with attached drawers ( available in colors Cherry, Beech)

Affordable office furniture setup for startups

Affordable office furniture setup for startups


If you are a startup get in touch with Julius regarding this and other options via email jmasiga(at)

2 thoughts on “Are you a startup? This office setup is for you

  1. Felix Abur says:

    Awesome. I need to contact Julius soon. I want to set up a 2-person office before the end of May. I also saw you had something for concealing cables. I’d like him to tell me a little about that too, so I can clear the wire mess under my desk

    1. Hello Felix,

      Julius got your message, he will get in-touch.


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