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10 Design And Storage Tips To Make The Most Of Your Small Office


Working in a small office does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort and functionality.

There are storage solutions and ways to make small spaces look and feel just as cozy, convenient, and spacious.

Choosing a smart design and following some simple rules is the key to transform your small office space into a functional, practical, and beautiful space.

Below are Creative Office Design Ideas to Consider;

1. Choose office furniture and arrange them wisely

When dealing with tight spaces, every inch matters.

Be careful in choosing and arranging the essential office furniture. It is crucial for it to be functional and comfortable. Most importantly, it should not consume too much space.

If you cannot find the right size in a reputable furniture shop, have it custom made.

2. Use vertical spaces

Think vertically if you are choosing cabinets and storage units. If necessary, choose one that can reach the ceiling.

Aside from helping you keep the office organized and tidy, these storage units will help keep the space clear since they can accommodate more documents and materials than the usual office storage solutions.

This office design tip will also create the illusion of a larger space.

3. Go paperless

You do not have to keep all your files and documents in paper form.

Today, you can securely keep them in the cloud. Cloud storage will also allow ease of accessibility.

By minimizing the amount of paper files, you will surely get more spaces for other office supplies and essentials or keep your office looking bigger and clear.

4. Get rid of cables

Whenever possible, you must choose wireless solutions.

This way, your office will look tidier, bigger, and more organized. Cables often create a cramped feeling, most especially when they are all running loose across your office.

If a wireless solution is not possible, organize those cables.

You can use a rain gutter as a cable manager. And don’t forget to label both ends of all the cables with cable tags.

Proper labeling will prevent you from wondering if you are unplugging the right cable, and getting stuck under your desk.

5. Use mirrors

The effect that mirrors can make is surprising. Mirrors make the room appear bigger since it reflects light.

Furthermore, they tend to be extremely decorative. Be sure, however, to choose the right size mirror and position it in the right location.

6. Be minimalist with decor

Make your office as inviting as possible. However, if you have a small office space, you must go easy on decorations so as not to make the room feel cramped and smaller than it is.

You just have to keep some decorative items to liven up the limited space.

7. Declutter

Clutter is considered the absolute death of small offices. Therefore, remove everything that you do not need.

Organize all office materials in the right place.

Keeping all the clutter at bay will make the office look organized, engaging, and more spacious.

8. Use bright paint colors

One of the most effective and easiest ways to create the illusion of bigger space is to paint the small office in a bright color like beige, white, yellow or light green.

Aside from making space appear larger, most people consider bright hues as positive, motivating and energizing.

9. Don’t skimp on the lighting

Good lighting is crucial. A change in lighting can significantly shift the appearance of a small office space.

Use general lighting to enhance the place; bright lights for tasks requiring it; and quiet back-lighting on the monitors to prevent eyestrain.

When dealing with spaces with little to no natural light, lighting is vitally important. Refrain from using floor lamps because they take up too much space.

10. Organize office supplies based on frequency of use

When organizing and storing office supplies, determine how often you use them instead of where you use them.

If you are using a stapler puller daily, make sure to place it on your desk. But for a scanner that you use three to four times a year, consider placing it on top or
inside the cabinet.

Items that you do not use frequently must have no space on your space- constrained desk.

Final word

Introducing elements of bright colors, proper lighting for work, and getting rid of clutter will go a long way towards achieving a functional and enjoyable office even if you are tight on space.

Do not let your cramped office get you down. Follow these great tips to make the most out of the limited space.

Author BIO

Post by Lisa Jackson is the General Manager of The Box Self Storage Services LLC. She has been with the company since arriving in Dubai for the past four years, and with over 12 years’ experience in the self storage industry, has been an integral asset to the growth of The Box as well as the UAE self storage industry in general.


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