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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Sofa

Buying any furniture for your home is a long term investment.

Any furniture has a lot of variety in colours, quality, price and materials. While on a furniture shopping spree, it is easy for an individual to get confused.

So many choices can make any buyer’s head spin. While purchasing a sofa people often tend to make small mistakes.

These mistakes can be easily unnoticed and are equally easily avoidable if you know what to look for.

Sofas are an essential part of any home. Sofas are used for a variety of different activities, resting and relaxing, watching television, reading a book, or throwing your clothes on after a tough day at work!

Sofas are able to provide extra comfort for leisure.

Sofas are able to provide extra comfort for leisure.

There are a variety of different sofa styles that are available today, from modern to antique, art deco to contemporary.

Choosing the right sofa for your home can be overwhelming and daunting, and can lead to mistakes.

We have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when buying a new sofa for your home.

The 7 mistakes to avoid while buying sofas:

1.Understand the design of your room

Stated earlier, each room would have a different design and space. Firstly, the individual needs to understand their design and plan accordingly.

Measurements should be taken. Also, the buyer needs to know pre-hand the number of people that would use the sofa, purpose etc.

Depending on the purpose, the individual could invest either in the sofa or sofa cum bed. Allocate a proper budget including buffer amount.

2.Sofa size and ratio

Sofa size matters. The perception of the sofa at the showroom and at home can be completely different. The buyer needs to have measurements handy.

Variety of sizes and shapes of the sofa are available. The sofa should fit the space perfectly and not clutter the room.

The sofa complements the room and does not clutter the area.

The sofa complements the room and does not clutter the area.

3.Selecting the right style

Sofas have different styles with each style having a different function.

While in a showroom, you can ask the in-house interior designers to help you out.

You can specify your requirement and select from the options they provide. Additionally, the style must provide comfort and complement your room.

Pick out the complementing cushions as per requirement.

4.Try out the sofa before buying

The sofa you buy should suffice all your needs. While buying, you should always check the sofa.


  • Sit on the sofa to check whether it is deep or shallow (as required)
  • Check the length (if going to be used for sleeping), height and arm rest.
  • Make sure the cushions are soft (as per your requirement)

5.Fabrics of sofa

Selecting the right fabric depends on the budget and usage.

You can choose either fabric or leather. Choosing leather is appropriate if you have children or allergies.

Leather is easy to clean and repair, hence the hygienic choice.

The fabric should match the decor of your room. Selecting the wrong fabric could turn out costly.

The below image depicts the perfect setting for the sofa in the room.

6.Sofa quality

The sofa is permanent furniture in the room. The quality of the sofa should be top-class and should not wither as per usage or time.

A good quality sofa would last for years without recurring repairs. Buying a poor quality sofa means repairing, change in looks and shape and comfort level decreasing.

Also, it would cause the sofa to break. This would either mean cost in repair or replacement. Hence, the sofa should be substantial. Self maintenance of sofa should also be considered.

7.Buying without thought

A proper forethought is mandatory before buying any furniture.

Certain people buy furniture on an impulse, which most of the time is not the right decision.

You may get stuck with the wrong piece of furniture and increase discontentment. Even if you like a product, ask questions to the salesperson or interior designer that are at your disposal.

You need to consider comfort over all the style and vogue. Finally, the long run picture should be given utmost consideration.

Buying furniture for your house is not easy. It consumes time and requires proper insights. To buy the perfect pick, you need to be vigilant and ask questions to your content.

Finally, it’s the furniture for your room and usage. Don’t compromise on quality and comfort.

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